The Midlife Memoir Breakthrough

Live Event with Joanne Fedler (18 – 22 March 2019 in Sydney)
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We have two lives.
And the second one begins when you realise you only have one.
– Mario de Andrade

In midlife, a seismic shift in consciousness occurs.
How do these manifest and how do we respond to them?
And why is this the best time to be writing your memoir?

These are some of the questions I invite you to explore with me in a unique 5-day live event in Sydney in March 2019.

In this hands-on, intimate workshop (an eclectic mix of teaching, instruction, writing exercises, meditations, ritual, sharing and other joyful activities), I will teach you how to take the material of your life – the moments that counted, no matter how shattering or modest – and weave them into a memoir that makes sense of it all.

What is the sum of it all, this great, rollicking, thrilling, exhausting catastrophe called ‘my life’?
I will show you how to take the shambles and shards of your experience and work out: what did it all mean?


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5-Day Transformational Live Event

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5-Day Transformational Live Event
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