7 Day Free Writing Challenge

Where do we start when we want to write?

How about right here?

I designed this 7 Day FREE Writing Challenge for people just like you who have always wanted to write but don’t know where or how to begin the journey.

Over 7 days, I share a video tutorial of a secret writing trick that will ignite your creativity and open up the possibilities your writing offers you. Each video is accompanied by a writing exercise that you can download. You will also be given access to a library of resources where you can find the answers to your writing questions.

Everyone has the need to be seen and heard. We all have something to offer the world.

Writing is one of the best ways I know to find our voice.

To get to where we want to go, we need a path. We need to be shown the first steps.

This writing challenge is to share those first steps with you.

What you’ll get out of it

You will learn seven techniques to switch on your writing muscles. These are small ideas. Insider secrets. Foundations for a writing practice.

Bonus points if you:

  • learn something new about how writers do it;
  • write something you never thought you could;
  • have fun (without drugs or alcohol).

Every day for 7 days…

You'll receive an email

Watch the video

Download the exercise

Do the writing exercise

How to get the most out of the challenge:

  • commit to the 7 days, no matter what;
  • block off half an hour each day to watch the video and complete the writing exercise;
  • check our library of additional resources to find answers to your writing questions.

Share the love

Please share this writing challenge generously – on social media, by email, by word-of-mouth. Pass it on to that friend who’s always saying, ‘I want to write,’ or to your grandfather who wants to get his lifestory down. Maybe you know someone who isn’t in a financial position to afford writing courses, classes or a mentor, but they’ve got a story to tell.

This is for you.

This is for them.

This is for everyone.

3979 writers have joined this writing challenge


A fire has been lit, a fire that will not settle. It will not die down. It will not go out. I cannot pretend it does not exist. And I thank you for helping it to stay alight in the face of the wind, and rain and life.…

~ Kylie

‘Your story can change someone’s life.’ Fedler’s message is a powerful reminder that ordinary stories – of growth, healing and transformation – are the medicine this world needs now, and that each human life has its…

~ Van Jones

‘Joanne’s pedagogy gives me a deep sense of confidence that if I follow (her) guidance, even if it takes weeks or months or years, I will successfully tell my story too. I believe she has achieved something new with…

~ Katharine

‘I cannot say enough about how the choice to do…this adventure is awakening me. It makes me realize how much I’ve been waiting for me to welcome this urge to write that has been with me for most of my remembered life. I…

~ Sandra

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