7 Tricks to Writing Your Story

Has it been nagging at you for a while? That voice.

You know the one that goes: ‘I should write about that (love affair/break-up/heartache/insert other dramatic, hilarious, godawful experience)…’ ‘Maybe if I wrote about it, I’d be able to let it go…’ ‘Wouldn’t that experience make for a great book?’ ‘I swear if it wasn’t my life, people would think I made it up…’ ‘Somebody else is going to feel this way someday. Maybe my experience will help them…’ It’s not the sound of your delusional hallucinations. It’s the whisper of your guardian spirit that wants you to be whole and healed and happy.

Did you know that one of the four questions Native Americans ask when someone is ill, is ‘When last did you tell your story?’

Our stories belong to us, just like our bodies, our memories and our dreams. We all reach a point in our lives where we’ve suffered and survived enough and we want to unravel the whole saga to work out ‘what the hell was that all about?’

But I know what’s stopping you: Where would you start? How would you work out what to include and leave out? The people you need to write about are still alive. Besides, who would be interested in your puny life? And hang on, isn’t it narcissistic and self-indulgent to write about yourself?

If any of these excuses has your name on it, I’ve created 7 Tricks to Writing Your Story just for you. Think of it as the Lego of lifewriting. I’ve broken down the huge scary idea of ‘writing a memoir’ into 7 manageable parts so that anyone (seriously, anyone) who follows these steps can put their story together piece by piece until… wow, there it is.

If you follow my unique 7 step formula you will:


know exactly what to include and exclude;

understand how to write about your life so an impartial reader will be interested (not just your mum);

have a grasp on who you’re writing your story for (other than you, of course);

have clarity about how to write about other people without offending them or violating their privacy;

have an idea of how to structure the events you’re writing about into an interesting story arc;

work out what the message of your story is and what you want to leave your reader with;

value your life and make meaning from it.

In writing your story, you will also:


feel fulfilled;

find out who you are;

 work out what really matters to you

experience a sense of purpose and meaning;

make sense of events in your past;

share your insights and in this way make a difference to others;

leave a legacy.

Wouldn’t now be a good time to honour that calling? Don’t wait for dementia, tomorrow or ‘when you’re ready.’ Do it now…


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