Would you like to become an AAA Ambassador?

A Solution to Finding A Way to join the Write Your First Draft Masterclass

There is no-one more qualified than you to talk about the AAA and the impact it has had on you and your writing.

If it has been a transformational experience for you and you know someone you believe would benefit from taking part, you can choose to become an AAA Ambassador.

Who is eligible to become an AAA Ambassador?

Anyone who has completed the AAA and has either taken up a place in the Masterclass or would like to, but is holding back for financial reasons.

Why would I become an AAA Ambassador?

  1. It is far more authentic for a recommendation to come from someone who has experienced the course rather than someone selling the course. Your testimony is highly valuable to me – and I would like to reward that value by offering you a 25% commission for every person who signs up for the AAA through you, in the form of a refund of 25% on your Masterclass membership.
  2. It is a powerful way for you to change someone’s life as well as your own.
  3. To share the love.

Tips on how to be an active and successful AAA Ambassador:

  • Write a social media post about your experience in the AAA with your unique link and a call to action to others who want to write;
  • Send a personal email to someone you know who has been longing to write and has put it off, or who you really believe would benefit from strengthening any of the 6 consciousness muscles in the AAA;
  • A tip: people who are addicted to drama or to their victim story are likely to fall into their habitual ‘I don’t have time/money/energy…maybe next year… who’m I to write?’ mindsets. And this is where the strength you’ve gained over the past 8 weeks will come in – you will have a chance to mentor someone to make an investment in themselves they’ve probably never done before. Hold them to a higher vision you have for them. Don’t meet them in a place of lack. You really could change someone’s life);
  • Simply promote the next 7 day writing challenge which will be in January 2018. This is especially for people who are not ready to believe in themselves and who need to experience the love, community and trust that is created in the Facebook group before they feel worthy of investing in their dream.
  • Norie has collected some of the most astonishing testimonials from the FB group – if you would like access to those testimonials, please email her and she will send them to you. However, your personal testimonial is the most powerful – especially in reaching out to people who love and trust you.
  • If you have other great ideas for how to engage people, please share in the FB group so that we can all learn from your brilliance and creativity.

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.

Mary Oliver

Author Liftoff Mastermind Group

Thank you so much for sharing the work I have I put into creating a transformational experience for emerging authors. I am deeply grateful for your support,

Always in your corner,


Yes, I would like to become a Joanne Fedler Ambassador

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