Meditations and Visualisations for Writers and Aspiring Authors

As you begin your writing journey, you discover there is more to it than simply putting words on the page. Writing is also a deeper encounter with the mysteries of the creative process and your life as a sentient, sensitive, spiritual being.

It brings you to the brink of vast questions like:
• Why am I writing and who is it for?
• Who am I becoming as I write?
• What vision of life is my writing in service to?
• How do I find my way again when I get lost, afraid or overwhelmed?

In this exquisitely illustrated book of meditations for aspiring writers and authors, internationally bestselling author and writing mentor Joanne Fedler shepherds you through nine portals of visualization to dissolve the resistances, uncertainties and doubts that all aspiring authors encounter.

Based on her signature writing course, The Author Awakening Adventure, these meditations are a loving guide to anyone who longs to walk the writing path.