The Reunion

You never know what can happen when a group of women reunite for a weekend away, leaving behind husbands, kids and chores…

It’s been ages since Jo, Helen, Ereka and CJ first became friends through their mothers’ group – back then, life revolved around their small children. Now their kids are pre-teens and teenagers with attitudes and raging hormones, and life is feeling emptier for some mothers, more liberating for others. 

While away together in an old country house with a couple of new friends and plenty of wine and food, it’s not long before the women are discussing men, marriage and parenting, sharing intimacies and confiding vulnerabilities. Friendships are put on the line as the bonds between them are tested and the weekend takes some unexpected turns. 

Picking up where the Secret Mothers’ Business left off, The Reunion is an insightful, funny and often biting novel about the challenges women face as their bodies change, dreams fade and kids grow up. Ultimately it explores what it means to be a good friend, a good person and a good mother – and suggests that all love is about learning to let go.