Just a Touch – Online Writing Course

Just a Touch is a No-Excuses 24-exercise online writing course.

You asked for it.

I created it.

No time? No money? Not inspired? Not a ‘real’ writer? No problem.

Just a Touch is for you if:

  • you find it hard to stay motivated when it comes to your writing;
  • you can’t think of a single damn anything to write about;
  • you’ve lost the connection to whatever you’ve been writing;

…. but you still want to write.  

After a decade of teaching aspiring authors in 8 week and 12 month courses and masterclasses, I kept hearing myself saying over and over again to writers who were stuck, overwhelmed or had lost momentum, ‘just touch your writing, as often as you can.’ Keep coming back. You don’t need to write every day, or for hours and hours, just a touch is enough.


Then a writer in my Masterclass said, ‘I wish I could get a new writing exercise from you every week. Something I could do in ten minutes.’ 


Others agreed.


And that’s why I created Just A Touch.

When you subscribe to Just a Touch, you’ll get a unique online writing course delivered to your inbox over 24 weeks (one exercise each week). Each exercise is unique, designed to tickle your writing bone.

You can go at your own speed and take all the time you need for each week’s inspirational writing exercise.

Don’t leave your writing behind. With Just a Touch, you’ll always be freshly inspired.


Do it in your own time – no pressure.


Do it where you’re at - no need to travel.


No big investment of time or money – do one a week or save them up for a big rainy writing day.

Our launch special offer price for this course is $39.95.