Write Your First Draft Masterclass

with Joanne Fedler

You’ve completed the Author Awakening Adventure.

Not only is your writing flickering to life, but parts of you that have been dormant, neglected or forgotten are shimmering too. Isn’t awakening awesome?

You want to write your book.

You know why you want to write it.

You understand what it’s going to take … but without ongoing support, you’re afraid you won’t get there on your own.

Perhaps you’re ready for the Write Your First Draft Masterclass.

This is an exclusive membership limited to 50 people who have completed the Author Awakening Adventure.

The aim is to support you to complete your first draft within 12 months in a community of supportive emerging authors just like you.

What are the benefits of membership to the WYFD Masterclass?

  • You’ll be immersed in a guided, curated process towards completing your first draft (I’ve been there more than a dozen times and know how to get others through this);
  • You’ll be part of this vibrant, soulful community of like-minded writers all on the same path who know and understand your frustrations and challenges (ie. you are not a freak and if you are, you are in a safe clan of beloved freaks just like you);
  • You become a valued member of this tribe in which you’ll be supported and will offer support to others through the writing process (we get there together, we leave no-one behind);
  • You’ll participate in ongoing goal setting so you never languish in inertia (we’ll embody the Japanese philosophy of kaizen, which focuses on continual, incremental improvement);
  • You’ll be inspired by monthly challenges (both consciousness and craft) which will help you build new writing muscles so you will never get bored or bogged down;
  • By being part of this masterclass you become a witness to others’ success and have witnesses to your own. Through this you achieve accountability and visibility as you become an emerging author;
  • You’ll get swept up in the communal energy of forward-motion and will never be left stuck and wondering ‘what should I do next?’
  • You’ll complete your first draft within 12 months and graduate to the next level – where you will have the opportunity to:
    • attend the 5 day live Rewriting workshop in Sydney in November 2018 (a separate investment from the masterclass and only for those with first drafts by November 2018)
    • become a moderator for my 7 Day Writing Challenges or future Author Awakening Adventure Facebook groups;
    • win a publishing deal with Joanne Fedler Media for 2019.

Special Offers and Opportunities for Members of The Masterclass

You’ll be invited to attend a 5 day Live Event in Sydney in November 2018, “The Rewrite Blueprint.

The opportunity to win a publishing deal with Joanne Fedler Media for 2019

Details on The Rewrite Blueprint

Imagine a full five day workshop in Coogee, Sydney where we all meet in the flesh? I’ll host this workshop in November 2018 for 18 – 30 writers who have completed the full year and who have something resembling a first draft.

Attending this live event is optional and is a separate cost from that of the Masterclass.

The event will be non-residential and will be a separate investment from the membership (details will follow in the middle of 2018).  Here you will get a chance to meet with an editor, an agent, a publisher, and other significant people in the publishing industry. We will work on taking your first draft into the rewrite with the sole focus of getting it ready for publication.

We’ll also have a special outing and a celebratory dinner at a beautiful local restaurant.

Details on The Publishing deal with Joanne Fedler Media

Those in the Masterclass will have the opportunity at the end of 2018 to submit a proposal to win a fully subsidized publishing deal with Joanne Fedler Media.

One winner will be selected for publication in 2019. This means – no agents, no shopping around, simply our full and undivided love and attention to bring your book into the world. This prize includes a social media package, Facebook advertising and my endorsement on your book as well as promotion of your book through my social media channels.

The value of this publishing deal is $10 000.

I just cannot speak highly enough of the package I signed up for with Joanne. It has been such an amazing concept. There are many packages that offer something similar to Joanne Fedler but none delivered with the intuition, care factor and love that hers are.


The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.

Mary Oliver

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