Welcome to Write Your First Draft Masterclass

with Joanne Fedler


I’m beside myself with excitement to have you here.

Yet again, you’ve acted with courage and commitment to be part of the next phase in your writing journey with me.

I have thrilling plans for us over 2018.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be creating a new Facebook group, and I’ll be touching base with you to see how you’re going. We will only start in January 2018, so you have a few months to go over the Author Awakening Adventure, catch up on any modules you may have missed or rushed, do all the exercises and set yourself up for our exciting year ahead.

I’ll talk about how you can become an AAA Ambassador too, which could fund your commitment to the masterclass. Wouldn’t that be a bonus?

Once again, thank you for being here. I am truly honoured to be your guide and witness,

With huge love and respect,

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