Welcome to Joanne Fedler Media

Ordinary stories. Exceptional books.

Every book begins with a dream. A few special ones are born with us.
We love true stories of survival, transformation and self-empowerment.
We believe books have the power to change people’s lives.
We publish the books traditional publishers say ‘won’t sell.’
Because we care about stories.

We believe…

  • books have the power to change peoples’ lives;
  • in empowering authors to take control of their publishing journey;
  • in publishing books that inspire, nourish and grow the spirit.

Our philosophy

  • A book is a gift that an author gives to her or himself and to readers;
  • The value and success of a book does not depend on the number of copies sold but on the impact that book has on readers (even just a single reader);
  • We collaborate with aspiring authors – we don’t ‘pick’ authors we believe will be commercially successful, but encourage writers to pick themselves;
  • Every book is a testament to the life it honours and to the creativity of its author;
  • Anyone who truly wants to become an author will invest in that outcome.

We publish

  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Commercial and literary fiction (stories that inspire and uplift readers)
  • Self-help.

Publishing has changed in the past ten years and continues to change.

As a result, authors need to change too. Joanne Fedler Media was created to meet the new needs of the publishing market.

Download this infographic for more information on the difference between the old and new publishing models.

Who we work with

  • authors who have been working with me through my writing retreats and online courses;
  • resourceful, empowered authors who are willing to invest in their books;
  • authors who want to share their stories for the greater good of the planet.

Who we do not work with

  • princesses (please see my Hay House talk here for an explanation of what qualifies as princess behaviour);
  • writers with a first draft that has not been professionally assessed and edited;
  • people who are unwilling or unable to invest in the publication process (through crowdfunding or otherwise).

In this way, we ensure that each book is of exceptional quality and reflects the values and purpose for which Joanne Fedler Media was created.

How to work with us

We offer aspiring authors a pathway to publication through our free 7 Day Online Challenge, the Author Awakening Adventure 8 week online course, a Masterclass and the Author Liftoff programme.

We assist aspiring authors to raise funds through the crowdfunding platform Publishizer. In this way, an author can raise money to produce the book before it is written, and build a platform at the same time.

If you already have a completed manuscript that aligns with our vision and you are able and willing to fund the publishing process or to create a crowdfunding campaign for your book, you are welcome to send us an inquiry at hq@joannefedler.com

Please send us:

  • a 200-word synopsis
  • your bio
  • your contents page (for self-help) and first chapter.

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