The Reunion

The kids are a little older, with attitudes, iPods and hormones – in fact some of us are feeling decidedly emptied of our mothering tasks and scrounging around to .. you know… find that life our kids keep telling us to get. So it’s time for another getaway, this time for a whole weekend in an old country house, with a few old friends, some new faces, plenty to eat and drink and a few unexpected visitors over the weekend which create minor chaos.

This time, Jo, Helen, Ereka and CJ, four of the original group from the night of Secret Mothers’ Business are joined by a couple of new additions, including Virginia whose mother is dying of thyroid cancer – but we’re not spending the weekend talking about kids or mothers or death. We’re here to have a good time, right?

It’s not long before Helen whips out the alcohol, and we’re discussing men, how much sex we’re not having, marriage, parenting and our mothers. We trade insights, insults and vulnerabilities and before you know it, friendships are put on the line and bonds between us tested as the weekend takes some unexpected turns.

Picking up where the international bestseller Secret Mothers’ Business left off, The Reunion is an insightful, funny and often biting novel about the challenges women face as their bodies change, dreams fade and kids grow up. Ultimately, it explores what it means to be a good friend, a good person and a good mother, and suggests that all love is about learning to let go.



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