Things Without A Name

Funny, thoughtful and often inspiring, this story is for every woman who’s ever thought about giving up on love and even hope, but chooses not to.

Faith Roberts is thirty-two and single, with a dysfunctional family, an even more dysfunctional best friend, not to mention a busy and challenging job. She dreams of some day meeting a man who will ignite her senses and fulfil her need for love.

The trouble is, while Faith aches to see the good in the world, she is often confronted with the bad in her job as a counsellor in a women’s crisis centre. Having heard one too many love-gone-wrong stories Faith has started to give up on the big ideas like hope, love and trust. Even meeting an ordinary, relatively untroubled bloke seems impossible.

Then, one night, in a twist of fate, Faith finds herself in a situation that transforms her life, and she realises that before you can save others you have to save yourself.

An uplifting, inspirational and often funny love story, Things Without a Name will resonate with every woman who’s ever thought about giving up on love and hope, but chooses not to.



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