The 2018 Author Awakening Adventure

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Is there a secret to becoming a successful author?

Before I became an internationally bestselling author, I agonized over this question too. I never believed I’d be one of the ‘lucky ones.’ But now I’ve understood that luck is more than a wish. There is an algorithm to it.

Watch my video below and discover how to distinguish yourself from other wanna-be authors:

I believe (Joanne) has achieved something new with AAA.

She’s created the iPhone of writing courses.’


Over the 8 weeks, I’m going to share my unique framework for turning writers and wanna-be authors into authors.

What will you learn?

The core principles of craft every aspiring author needs to master (you probably know them already: techniques for writing fascinating characters; interesting storytelling structure, plot, setting, theme, pace and so on…)

But, hang on, you can learn the craft in any writing course. This knowledge won’t distinguish you from the millions of other wanna-be authors out there who also know the craft.

There’s no ‘magic’ in the craft.

So where is the magic?


I’ve been on the hunt for it and now that I’ve mentored hundreds of writers and written and published ten books, (some of which have been international and #1 Amazon bestsellers), I’ve found it.

And I’m going to show you how to invite it into your writing (and your life).

What you need is an advantage.

That advantage is exactly what I will teach you here.

The Elements of the Advantage

1. I teach you to identify and master the strengths to counter the six biggest problems aspiring authors face.
  • Let’s take self doubt as an example and let me show you how it undermines your ability to even learn the craft of writing.
  • What value would you get from knowing the difference between plot and structure if you truly believed that you had nothing of value to say?
  • I’ll show you how to conquer self doubt first, and then teach you the craft through the strength of a counter-mindset, a mindset that sets you up for success rather than failure.
2. I will share self-mastery tools to help you move beyond your blocks that keep you stuck;
3. You will save time because this course will shear years of research, reading, workshops and failed attempts off your life;
4. You will be imbued with the confidence that flows from self-awareness and self-mastery. And there’s no match for it when it comes to distinguishing yourself as a writer in the crowded marketplace of wannabe-authors.

What you get when you join

The full 8-week Author Awakening Adventure to help you transform your writing and your thinking consisting of 8 modules broken down into:

  • 2 – 3 weekly video trainings (on consciousness and craft) designed to teach you the mindset strength you need to develop as an emerging author as well as all the elements of craft;
  • Writing and reflection exercises for both the craft and consciousness training so you can implement the training in your own thinking and writing;
  • 8 customized meditations I wrote especially for you, set to music to help integrate the training;
  •      Transcripts of all the videos;
  • 12 months access to a secret Facebook group for interactions, sharing of your writing, feedback and discussions amongst the members for support and community on your writing journey (priceless);
  • 2 Facebook live sessions to keep you inspired, motivated and connected;
  • AAA certificate on completion of the course;
  • Qualification for an invitation to join my Write Your First Draft Masterclass 12 month programme to nurture you to publication and the chance to win a publication deal with Joanne Fedler Media.

Course Outline

Module 1: How to Begin Bravely – Own Your Vision and Dig Your Foundation
Module 2: Conviction Kickstarter to Establish Your Intention and Make Decisions
Module 3: Curiosity and Question Cues to Inspire Complex, Fascinating Characters
Module 4: Conscientiousness to Understand the Architecture of Storytelling
Module 5: Conscientiousness to Strengthen Story with Scenes, Summary, Setting and Symbolism
Module 6: Courage to Break Silence and Find Our Voice
Module 7: Connection for ‘I’-contact and to Transition from the Personal to the Universal
Module 8: Commitment to Keep Momentum, Hatch New Habits and Rally for the Rewrite

Praise for Joanne

‘Joanne’s pedagogy gives me a deep sense of confidence that if I follow (her) guidance, even if it takes weeks or months or years, I will successfully tell my story too. I believe she has achieved something new with AAA. She’s created the iPhone of writing courses. I hope the AAA becomes the “must have” process for the whole big wide world of aspiring authors. What a gift to the planet she has shared. In deep gratitude’


‘Your story can change someone’s life.’ Fedler’s message is a powerful reminder that ordinary stories – of growth, healing and transformation – are the medicine this world needs now, and that each human life has its place in the great unfolding narrative of our planet. A book that inspires hope and teaches each of us how to use our words to leave a legacy.’

Van Jones

‘Joanne is a natural, a true passionate leader and teacher of writing, addressing all the aspects that plague writers – from the newest to the most experienced, and with such genuine intention. She is the gift I needed on my path to achieve my dream! Having her as a mentor has changed my life!’


‘A fire has been lit, a fire that will not settle. It will not die down. It will not go out. I cannot pretend it does not exist. And I thank you for helping it to stay alight in the face of the wind, and rain and life. I will be forever grateful.’


‘The author awakening is awakening more than just the author. Blessed to be here.’


‘Joanne genuinely wants to share what she has learned and see me succeed. She genuinely wants to see other people become published authors. I love her drive, her honesty, her openness and her care.. she is brave and strong. It makes me feel like I can be those things as well.’


‘I don’t know anybody who has had such an enormous influence on my life in such a short time. Thanks to you I am actually writing my story now. I know it will take a long time, but that doesn’t matter. I have learned so much and you have given it to me with such graciousness and love. It takes a very special person to help so many people, I am blessed to be one of them.’


‘It really was an awakening adventure. I awoke to who I really am, what I really want, how I can go about getting it and what I must develop within myself in order to succeed in completing my book. The fact that this was revealed little by little, step by step, module by module, was what made it such a delicious adventure. The course was offered by Joanne in a spirit of love, generosity and true caring. This was mirrored back by the incredible group of people sharing this journey with me.’


‘This course is in itself radically Connected – to Spirit, to the collective consciousness, drawing to light treasures hidden in the individual and collective unconscious.’


‘Joanne’s gift lies in her ability to see the writer we have hidden from ourselves and to summon her out through powerful examples, highly original strategies and exercises… Joanne’s knowledge, her often startling insights, her generosity and her passion showed me to myself and, in facing that storm head on, I’ve made peace with my voice.’


‘Validation, community, lots of aha’s, and some solid instruction. How has it changed my life? My book is inching toward the finish line. Thank you.’


‘Every day, I give thanks for landing here amongst it all, for Joanne, for all the amazing women and men sharing this journey. (I wish I could) articulate… how momentous this Author Awakening Adventure is. I think we will look back in years to come realising we as yet, still haven’t quite grasped, that this may be the most pivotal point in our journeys so far. For healing, Awakening, and moving towards the essence of who we truly are. Feeling blessed.’


‘I cannot say enough about how the choice to do…this adventure is awakening me. It makes me realize how much I’ve been waiting for me to welcome this urge to write that has been with me for most of my remembered life. I know my future will be different from what it may have been two months ago. I feel so full yet only at the beginning of this journey….’


‘I honestly can’t thank you enough for this course. In 4 weeks, you have helped me stoke that little flame. I feel like my voice is coming back and I’m rediscovering the person I feared may have been lost forever. Thank you so much for creating this magic, this community. I know I am in the middle of something that will change the direction of my life forever.’


‘How privileged I feel to have been a participant in the AAA course… Through Joanne’s teachings of consciousness, our tribe has allowed, without judgment, a safe environment for me to bare my soul. This was a huge healing for me. (For this I have no words to offer, only my heart).
‘My friend and I took a spontaneous day trip last week. I talked and gabbed the entire day about this course, what I’ve learned and particularly the consciousness pieces. At the end of our trip she said, ”I have never seen you this passionate about anything.” With the biggest grin I replied, “You know, I don’t think I have ever been.” Huge, huge Thank You.’


For me, the Author Awakening Adventure has not only empowered me as a writer beyond my wildest hopes it has rekindled my connection with my spirit. It’s as if I have awakened to a new world. I have always been curious by nature, but often shoved it into a dark corner of my soul, fearing judgement. I feel courageous enough to embrace my curiosity with the understanding that this is how I am learning to go deeper as a writer…. I feel enriched as I interact differently now with my surroundings. I see clouds and my imagination does a dance. Living consciously has become my priority. My confidence as a writer is growing. I am focusing on the beauty, the joy, the depths the uncharted spaces. I’m excited about being an Adventurer.


‘When I first met Joanne, I was unemployed and suffering burn-out. Writing was a self-indulgent hobby, nothing more. Her retreat changed everything. She introduced me to my inner-writer, someone who’d been buried under layers of doubt, and suddenly the impossible was made possible. I started seriously considering writing as a career. Importantly, she made me realize that writing is a craft. Talent is required, but with an amazing mentor any creative person can acquire the tools needed. I’m now able to live wherever I like, and I’m making a better income than I ever made in my corporate work. My life revolves around creative pursuits and friends, and I’ve never been happier. Best of all, I have the time and headspace to continue developing my craft. I credit Joanne with giving me the confidence to quit my job and pursue my dream of writing and editing full-time, and since meeting her four years ago, I’ve never looked back.’


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