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The past twelve months have been a life changing accumulation of all that came before. Being part of Joanne’s Author Liftoff workshops has not only enabled me to step into the realm of actual possibility of published author, I know it’s a given. It’s not ‘maybe’, it ‘IS’. I’ve come a long way from insistent self-doubt, relentless self-criticism and buckets of vomit I wrote. I think of that person now and shake my head at the irony. I’ve rightfully grown my platinum wings thanks to Jo’s selfless mentoring and her abundant wisdom (not to mention her list of invaluable connections, that alone is GOLD.) The Liftoff workshops have been imperative to my growth as a writer, to my skills in becoming my own editor and mastering the rewriting process, and to knowing without doubt I will be published. There is no way I would be where I am without Jo, she is and continues to be instrumental in my success. Thank you doesn’t do justice to the gratitude I feel, but I am so thankful. I never imagined I’d walk this path but here I am…almost there! Marcie

(soon to be AUTHOR)

Since working with Joanne I’ve gone from thinking, “Who would want to read my writing?” To “I think people will read my story.” Then, I transitioned to “People will buy my book.” To me, The Author Liftoff Series has been worth more than the money paid. Jo has given me guidance, cared for me and shown me how to care for my own writing. There were days that I wasn’t sure where I was going but she held my goal up for me to reach for.

Each of the workshops are different areas of writing and each gives you more than the next. There are many writing courses out in the world, but Joanne’s courses all gives you more than just “how to” instructions. She has challenged me in both my writing and my life by showing me how to look at the same point from different angles. I have learned how to improve my voice and I am learning about being an author and how to sell my books too.

It is the way Joanne teaches and guides that makes her different from other teachers. She opens her connections to you and the world becomes an easier place to achieve your writing potential. If you are ready to take the next step you your writing, the first thing I suggest you do is sign up to Joanne’s Author Liftoff Series. I promise you will not regret it.


Jo Fedler’s Author Lift Off program is for anyone who wants to start taking themselves seriously as a writer/author. I have done several workshops and retreats with Jo, which were all transformative, but the Author Lift Off is an investment in myself, that helped cement my intention to make writing, not only my passion, but my business. Jo generously shares her professional insights, expertise and industry connections to help her mentees find their writing wings. The Author Lift Off is no ordinary writing course. Be prepared for a wild ride. Kerry

Each year I offer a small group of aspiring authors to take part in my intensive Author Liftoff Mastermind Course.

It consists of 3 non-residential workshops in Sydney over 12 months.

Workshop 1: The Art and Craft of Rewriting (4 days)
Workshop 2: The Business of Being An Author (4 days)
Workshop 3: Launch, Leverage and Lights (including a full author makeover and pitching to publishers) (5 days)

To qualify you need to

  • have come on a writing retreat with me or completed the 8 week online Author Awakening Adventure course;
  • have a first draft of your manuscript (40 000 words +);
  • be able to attend all 3 workshops in Sydney over the 12 months.

The group is limited to 18 aspiring authors.

For more information, a brochure and an application form please email [email protected]

When I first met Jo I had a longing to write. She encouraged me to get words onto the page and held my hand while I learned how to manage my inner critic.

Once I had those words out she gently uncovered what I needed to do next. But if she’d told me what that was before I’d started to write I don’t think I’d have been brave enough to take those early steps. Jo knows just what you need… and when you need it.

The first step is to write, to believe you have something to say. And once you have climbed that mountain, somewhere near the top of it you get the view of the next mountain waiting beyond that peak. That next mountain is the rewrite, and the mountain beyond that one is learning the business of becoming a writer.

Jo has climbed them all but knows the best path is to take one at a time. If you’ve trusted her so far and you’ve started your journey, now is when you need her more than ever. I have loved every stage of the process but if I’d said goodbye to Jo at the top of that first mountain and surveyed the lone landscape, I’d have sat at the top of the first peak with my words for the rest of my life. Or I might even have turned back.

I encourage you to recognise how far you’ve come, but also to keep climbing. The view from over here (further along the range) is even better than you could imagine.


Everything I had previously learnt, all came together and became very ‘real’ during Joanne’s Author Liftoff Program. I was shown how to take all the random pieces of writing I had done and rewrite them in a structured way so my book speaks to the universal and takes my readers on an emotional journey. Joanne also introduced me to many people who I need for the next stages of publishing my book. Without Joanne, I would have never had access to these Literary Agents, Publishers, IT experts, Lawyers, experienced Writers and Editors. Joanne is extremely well respected in the industry and I know she will put me in touch with the right people when my book is ready.

The Author Liftoff Program has been instrumental in my progress and I would have never made it this far without such an amazing series of workshops. I am now confident and well prepared for when I complete my book. I am currently working on a platform to launch my book, I am prepared for submitting applications and conducting interviews, and I have learnt how to pitch my story at a moment’s notice, which all previously seemed overwhelming.

I am so grateful that I invested in myself and made the life-changing decision to be a part of the Author Liftoff.


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