The Turning

Poems from my life on my 50th birthday
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Yeoville, first night

That first night
in Yeoville
I lay in my kingsize bed
and called the ceiling, mine
the walls, ‘dearly beloved,’
the noise of motorbikes
and alchohol from the street below,
‘friend.’I knew then
that aloneness
was the key
to becoming;
how everything
had been a delay,
a long wait
to begin – this – this
quiet curiosity;
that in my own space
I’d soften
open the folds
I’d tucked tightly in,
find ‘her,’ that
unaccompanied girl
a stowaway til now.

I pulled back the curtains
to let the moon in,
and leaned on the night’s shoulder
and I told the truth
for the first time.

The Turning is a collection of fifty poems from my life. This book is my way of turning and bowing to everything I have experienced, with astonishment and gratitude, and to tell the days, the people and the places I have known, I deeply love them.’

Joanne Fedler

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