BONUS Your Story video guides.

In order to get the most out of ‘Your Story‘, we have prepared the Your Story Book Club four-step action plan including 10 videos and downloads.

1. Buy the Your Story Book

Order ‘Your Story‘ today from your preferred online bookstore

2. Buy the Companion Workbook

Your Story guides you how to think and what to do to get your story written so that it speaks into a universal story.

GET THE COMPANION YOUR STORY WORKBOOK NEED A HAND-HOLD THROUGH THE WRITING PROCESS? Joanne has designed this 42-page workbook that walks you through every element of your story so that by the end of it, you’ll have all the building blocks to get right into it.

  • A guide and companion to Your Story so you can put into practice all the theory in Your Story
  • 42 pages of Joanne’s unique and original exercises that mirror the techniques outlined in Your Story
  • Joanne’s proven step-by-step framework and outline for you to follow to get the essential elements of your story in place before you start writing
  • An easy-to-follow structure to help make sure you cover all the essential elements to ensure your story will interest others
  • A beautifully designed place to keep all the ‘bits and pieces’ that go into stitching your story together

3. Buy Joanne’s Writing Prompts to ignite your writing now

Your Story Writing Prompts …..

DOWNLOAD JOANNE’S EXQUISITELY DESIGNED WINGS WRITING PROMPTS Don’t know where to start? I’ve designed 52 writing prompts to make sure you are never stuck on the question: where should I start? Just pick a card – any card – and let yourself be led into your writing through a question or prompt. Not all questions have easy answers. Some questions are placeholders for the soul. These prompts act as contemplative guides to take you deeply into a discovery of who you are and who are meant to be.

4. You’re still scrolling? Want to take on the next 7 day FREE writing challenge?

Join the next 7 day writing challenge in February 2018

Yes please, I would like to Pre-Enrol in the next FREE 7 day writing challenge opening in February 2018.

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