There are secrets in the wild country they call midlife.

Joanne Fedler’s much anticipated new book:


out 20 October 2020

Joanne Fedler

Since 2005 I’ve authored ten books which have sold 750 000 copies in countries all over the world. Some of my books have been #1 Amazon bestsellers and made it onto Der Spiegel bestseller list.

I’ve reached my writing goals.

Now I want to help you reach yours.

Writing brings us towards our life’s purpose and to a sense of belonging to this beautiful, battered world.

If putting words down matters to you, I can help you.

I will remind you that your longing to write is a calling, and that it is worth your time.

I know all the tricks of craft and consciousness that get in our way – and how to move through them, quickly and cleanly. I can show you how.

I’ve mentored hundreds of writers through my writing retreats and online writing programmes and helped make authors out of people who came to me with nothing more than a wish.

I take writing wishes seriously.

Where are you in your writing journey?


Let me show you where to begin.

Do you want to:

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7 Day Free Writing Challenge

‘Amazing challenge. I will go away from this challenge with great tools to work on my ideas. Thank you so much. I needed these tools. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.’


Everyone has the need to be seen and heard. We all have something to offer the world.

Writing is one of the best ways I know to find our voice.

To get to where we want to go, we need a path. We need to be shown the first steps. This writing challenge is to share those first steps with you.

This writing journey over one week will serve those who are new to writing and don’t know where to begin or what to write about. As well as seasoned writers, we all need to reignite an old flame with words to see if there’s any chemistry.

Join me for my next 7 Day Free Writing Challenge and learn simple but profound writing tricks.



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Every book begins with a dream.

Where do you want to get to?

And who do you need to become to get there?

Let me guide you every step of the way to becoming the author you were born to be.

Author Awakening Adventure

‘I believe (Joanne) has achieved something new with AAA.

She’s created the iPhone of writing courses.’


The Author Awakening Adventure is our signature course in which I will teach you the six essential keys to becoming an author in a way that no other writing course does.

Your writing is a reflection of your consciousness at any given time, which is why this unique course teaches you all the craft you need, through the lens of consciousness. It’s wild.

In addition to 16 video trainings, you will also get 8 workbooks with writing exercises, 8 original meditations for aspiring authors, access to an exclusive Facebook group and library of video resources (FB lives and webinars) in which all your writing questions are answered, and an invitation to live webinars with Joanne where you can get mentoring in real time.



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Writers have taken the Author Awakening Adventure Program

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Publishing has changed in the past ten years and continues to change.

As a result, authors need to change too.  Here’s what you need to know:

The Old Model Versus the New Model by Joanne Fedler.  

Featured Writing Tools

Your Story Workbook

Need a hand-hold through the writing process? 

Joanne has designed this 42-page workbook that walks you through every element of your story so that by the end of it, you’ll have all the building blocks to get right into it.

Buy Now $9.95

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How to Write a Self-Help Book

Are you writing a self-help book? Do you know what the two essential elements of a self-help book are? Do you know how to structure it?

If not, this step-by-step manual will guide you through the writing so you can share your message with the world. In it I teach you the essential structure every self-help book must follow, how to incorporate the rules of storytelling into your writing to engage your audience and how to ensure that you deliver on the promise your book is making to your reader

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24 Questions to Guide Your Writing Workbook

What issues do you need to think about as an emerging author?

 Download my 24 Questions to Guide Your Writingworkbook here to help you clarify the 24 essential questions you need to be able to answer to write your book.

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Writing Prompts

Need ongoing inspiration for days when you don’t know where to start or what to write about?

Grab my exquisitely designed WRITING PROMPTS and for 52 days you will never be lost or left wondering ‘what should I write about today?’ These powerful downloadable prompts will jiggle your heart and make you want to put words on the page.

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In our writer’s words

I cannot say enough about how the choice to do…this adventure is awakening me. It makes me realize how much I’ve been waiting for me to welcome this urge to write that has been with me for most of my remembered life. I know my future will be different from what it may have been two months ago. I feel so full yet only at the beginning of this journey….


Joanne’s pedagogy gives me a deep sense of confidence that if I follow (her) guidance, even if it takes weeks or months or years, I will successfully tell my story too. I believe she has achieved something new with AAA. She’s created the iPhone of writing courses. I hope the AAA becomes the “must have” process for the whole big wide world of aspiring authors. What a gift to the planet she has shared. In deep gratitude


A fire has been lit, a fire that will not settle. It will not die down. It will not go out. I cannot pretend it does not exist. And I thank you for helping it to stay alight in the face of the wind, and rain and life. I will be forever grateful.


Your story can change someone’s life.’ Fedler’s message is a powerful reminder that ordinary stories – of growth, healing and transformation – are the medicine this world needs now

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Van Jones

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