Secret Mothers Business

What happens when a group of eight very different women get together for a sleepover with no husbands, no kids, a sumptuous feast and a lot of alcohol?

Jo is about to find out.

Secrets are revealed and loyalties tested as these women talk about everything from keeping up appearances to their most intimate fantasies and fears – and the seemingly impossible task of deciding just what to feed the family every single night of the damn week.

Based on intimate conversations with real women, united only by their experience of motherhood, Secret Mothers’ Business breaks the unwritten and unspoken code of perfect mothering to expose the raw truths of parenthood.

No taboo is spared in this funny, thought-provoking celebration of the beauty and complexity of friendship, the ways that women support one another and the ways they can let each other down. 

Be warned, you may recognize yourself within these pages.